Pink Diamonds

Only secondary to hues of red, pink diamonds are among the rarest of the rare of fancy colored diamonds. This feminine shade is generally accompanied with a secondary hue, so diamonds with a pure pink tone are seen as a solid investment and can fetch over $500,000 per carat for fancy vivids.

Fancy Pink Diamond Color Chart

While most fancy colored diamonds gain their unique hues from the presence of various elements during formation, fancy pink diamonds owe their color to pressure and temperatures greater than the threshold needed to transform Carbon into diamonds. "Graining lines" are easily apparent in pink diamonds, so finding a pink diamond of a high clarity increases the rarity exponentially.

Jennifer Lopez Pink Diamond

Jennifer Lopez's Pink Diamond Engagement Ring, 6.10 Radiant cut Est. Value $1.2 Million

Ben Affleck is largely responsible for jumpstarting the fancy color diamond engagement ring trend after he famously gave J. Lo a 6.1 carat pink diamond set in Platinum with white diamond baguettes on both sides from Harry Winston in 2002. Since then, prices and demand for pink diamonds have soared.This beautiful pink diamond qualify for the coveted Fancy Vivid colour grading from the GIA, and just only 1 in 100,000 diamonds possesses a colour deep enough to qualify as ‘Fancy’.


Darya-e Noor

The Darya-e Noor, 186 carats

The largest pink diamond in the world the Darya-e Noor (also known as the Sea of Light, the River of Light, or the Ocean of Light). and is Museum of the Treasury of National Iranian Jewels. Before the Persian army took it back to their country in 1739, the pale-pink diamond was one of the crown jewels of India. This diamond has been worn on the armbands of kings, as well as on their turbans and one facet is said to be inscribed with the initials of a Shaw.

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