The Science Behind Fancy Color Diamonds

Over millions of years, Mother Nature has done a spectacular job of creating diamonds in a full spectrum of captivating hues. A delicate combination of elements, heat, pressure, and/or radiation during formation transformed these typically colorless gems into vivid colors. So, what are the conditions required to create a fancy diamond, you may ask? Let’s explore the composition of naturally colored diamonds:

Science of Fancy Color Diamonds

Blue & Gray Diamonds

Boron bonds with Carbon during formation and causes the crystal lattice to absorb red, green, and yellow light.

Pink & Red Diamonds

A combination of high pressure and intense heat after formation allows ductility and movement in the crystal lattice resulting in color absorption of green light.

Green Diamonds

Exposure to radiation that naturally occurs in the Earth’s crust is absorbed, resulting in various hues of green.

Yellow & Orange Diamonds

Nitrogen present in yellow and orange colored diamonds absorbs blue light and reflects shades of yellow and orange.

Purple & Violet Diamonds

The presence of Hydrogen and distortion of the crystal lattice caused by high pressure and intense heat cause the diamond the absorbs green light and reflect hues of purple and violet.

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